Egyptian Revolutionary Helmets

So just to outline here – these are makeshift helmets made by the Egyptians whilst scrapping in their current predicament. I shall guide you through these pieces of registered army kit thus:

Your classic 1979 ‘Tribottle rag’ helmet – a must in any type of combat

A late 80’s ‘boxhat’. The bloke next to him doesn’t appear too sure of its effectiveness

A renaissance period piece of brickwear teamed with a black and cream scarf. It’s got that suave sophisticated, ‘Man about Cairo’ look.

I’m not sure that the tuna sarnie he is about to lob is gonna cause to much destruction. Old school 80’s broken bin helmet. I personally love the fact he needs to lift it up to see – does he spend the rest of the time walking in to things?

Textbook saucepaning with lifejacket combo.

I literally have no idea what this is.

And the winner by 100 miles. This bloke is going to war with 2 baguettes strapped to his ears and a ham salad roll sellotaped to his forehead. I’d definitely want to be behind him if someone lobs a load of bricks at me.


A Very Embarassing Freudian Slip

‘It is very rare that the language of finance crosses that of the porn industry. Unless, that is, you are France’s former justice minister Rachida Dati – best known for her run-in with Carla Bruni and returning to work five days after having a baby – who can now add “talking about oral sex on TV” to her resumé. Dati accidentally used the word “fellation” instead of “inflation'” in an interview. In French the two words are very similar: “Fellatio is close to zero,” she said. Monkey is sure it is. Daily Mirror headline on said gaffe: “Minister in TV cock up” – The Guardian.

BP Vs Bhopal

No doubt there is an ecological disaster happening off the coast of Louisiana , but I would like to compare this contemporary catastrophe with an earlier one.

Websites like and (from the two politcal divides) have both lambasted British Petroleum for their mistakes and mismanagement.

I’m not defending BP as a corporate entity, their track record vis a vis  Speaks for itself. But I do think this is political electioneering on both sides.

For the left and Barrack Obama , its a disaster but they can deflect some of the blame towards those ‘evil British imperialists”. A traditional enemy of the USA.

For the right, its a fightback, after Bush’s disastrous handling of Hurricane Katrina, the republicans are implying: “we messed up, but look how bad the democrats messed up too!”

At the end of the day, how much is human life, and livelihoods worth?

Is an Indian worth less than an American?

Or is this the Media framing our own thought patterns?

Also completely unrelated:

Mayor Quinby!

‘Leicester’s lord mayor has apologised after his trousers fell down during an educational event for schoolchildren. Councillor Colin Hall was at Southfields library in the city to take part in a Global Education function. When he stood to give a vote of thanks at Tuesday’s event his trousers came loose and fell. A spokesman for Mr Hall said: “The lord mayor has offered his deepest apologies to those attending the event for any offence caused by the accident.” Mr Hall was a guest at a Summer Showcase organised by Global Education Leicester, a network which works with teachers to promote greater understanding of global perspectives, the city council spokesman said. Pupils from three local schools were present.

‘The spokesman added: “The Lord Mayor of Leicester, Councillor Colin Hall, attended a function at a local library yesterday where he suffered an unfortunate problem with his trousers. He was not wearing a belt and the trousers came loose and fell.” Mr Hall has enlisted the help of fitness guru Rosemary Conley in a bid to lose weight. He wants to lose up to three stone by next May and is walking to many civic engagements, the council confirmed’ – The BBC Website.

From Mediawatch at if you are interested.