Ask Bear

This page is a two way problem solving system.

I encourage any friends or visitors to the site to leave questions in the comments section.

I will then, to the best of my ability, try and fix it, find it, or troubleshoot it. If the subject matter cannot be answered in the Boolean , binary manner; Then I will respond with a balanced opinion, from my own perspective.

Some suggested areas of interest:

  • IT, Windows, Mac, Hardware, Troubleshooting, Upgrades, Buying / Selling
  • Audiovisual equipment, TVs, Hi-Fis, iPods, etc…
  • Finance, Economics, History, Philosophy, Physics
  • Politics, Ethics, Law,
  • Popular Culture, Movies, Books, Music, Video Games, Computer Games
  • Football, Arsenal, Basketball, Cricket, Rugby
  • My Life

6 thoughts on “Ask Bear

  1. Hi Bear,

    Two questions for you:

    1. Why do stupid, annoying people succeed?
    2. Is it truly unethical to laugh at someone else’s misfortune?

    Cheers, tars

    • Thanks for your questions Tars. Here are your answers:

      1. Their success has nothing to do with their intelligence or how annoying they are. And how annoying someone is surely relative to the observer. An annoying person maybe interesting and sexy to someone else.

      2. Depends on the scale of misfortune. Although from a purists stand point it is probably a little unethical to indulge in what the German’s call Schaudenfreund or however its called.

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