Radical Celibacy Strike in Belgium and Countdown : the video game

‘No sex here please! As Belgium hits eight months without a government this week, a boycott on sex is being suggested as a way out of the nation’s longest political impasse. “When a situation’s dire and nothing’s moving, either you become a cynic or you react with humour,” said Marleen Temmerman, the Belgian senator and gynaecologist who threw up the notion. Speaking in her Ghent office, Temmerman said her call for “no more sex until a new administration” dates back to a trip to Kenya last month where she got wind of another novel bid to break the deadlock – a boycott on shaving. That was from Belgian actor Benoit Poelvoorde, star of early 1990s mockumentary “Man Bites Dog” and recent movie “Coco After Chanel.” “Let’s keep our beards until Belgium rises again,” he urged on Belgian TV. Temmerman said “the men loved it and that was when Kenyan women reminded us about their sex strike” in 2009 to demand a political solution. “Within a month a deal was done there” – AFP.

‘A mum playing a computer game version of TV’s Countdown with her three-year-old son was outraged when it spelled out SH**HEADS. Victoria Smith and her lad Oliver were trying to work out the conundrum – a nine-letter anagram – to help him build up his vocabulary. She was stunned when the jumbled letters SHAHSITED clicked over to reveal the swear word. The Nintendo Wii game – marketed as suitable for players aged three and over – was created with the backing of Channel 4 which makes the long-running quiz show.

‘Angry Victoria, 30, said yesterday: “I couldn’t believe my eyes as the word was slowly unveiled as an obscene insult. Oliver is a really bright kid and we play this game to help him build up his word bank. He was already asking what the word meant. My husband Daniel had to rush him out of the room.” Victoria, of Hampstead, North London, said she would not be playing the game again’ – The Sun. Presumably ‘Angry Victoria’ will also have to explain to her darling little delicate child why that lady has got no clothes on in the newspaper that features her story.


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