Funny News Stories

‘Australia’s oldest athlete at the Delhi Commonwealth Games has missed out on a shooting medal after firing at the wrong target. Michelangelo Giustiniano finished equal third with three other shooters in Sunday’s men’s 25 metre centrefire pistol event, but high drama in the five-shot shoot-off for bronze ended with the 57-year-old leaving empty-handed. Giustiniano shot at the target of his opponent next to him, leaving him with a score of 0 and in sixth place. Singapore’s Lip Meng Poh, whose target Giustiniano mistakenly shot at, registered the best of Giustiniano’s shots in his score of 49 out of 50, and won the shoot-off to take bronze’ – Adelaide Now.

‘A woman in Arizona mistakenly used glue instead of eye drops after confusing the two products’ ‘nearly identical’ bottles. Irmgard Holm, who had cataract surgery a year ago, realised immediately that something was wrong when she experienced a burning sensation in her eye. According to KSAZ-TV, she was reaching for what she thought was one of her half-dozen eye drop medications when the mix-up happened. Irmgard tried washing out the glue at first, but the ‘quick-drying’ product did exactly what it said on the bottle and promptly sealed her eye shut. When she got to hospital, staff cut off the hardened glue covering her eye and, when her eye had opened, washed out the remainder to prevent major damage’ – Metro.


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