Ever Wonder What Happens in Your Hotel Room While You are Out?

A hotel corporation is being sued by a female guest who allegedly found a male hotel worker wearing her panties, skirt and high-heeled shoes. Dayanara Fernandez, 36, claims she stumbled upon Oscar Garcia-Franco wearing her clothes during her stay at a Hyatt hotel in Deerfield, Illinois, in June. Ms Fernandez said she entered her room to discover Garcia-Franco with an “unusual expression on his face” and uttered the words “me like, me like” – referring to the skirt and high heels. Ms Fernandez claims Garcia-Franco then ran into the bathroom while she quickly gathered up her luggage. Garcia-Franco hadn’t closed the bathroom door and Ms Fernandez claims she then noticed he was wearing her panties. According to the complaint filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court, Ms Fernandez said Garcia-Franco shouted, “Don’t tell, don’t tell”. In July Garcia-Franco faced criminal charges of disorderly conduct over the incident and plead guilty. He was sentenced to 90 days of court supervision and ordered to pay a US$187 ($192) fine’ – News.com.au.


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