Hilarious News Stories

‘A man went berserk after he turned up at a strip club – and discovered his girlfriend was the star attraction. Martyn Daniel had no idea that Lauren MacKinlay was working as an exotic dancer. And when he spotted her on the stage at Aberdeen’s Bugsy Brown’s strip bar last November, he lost the plot. Daniel, 27, interrupted her while she was working, pushing her on the shoulder. He then began to shout: “Do you want to give me a dance.” After he tried to grab Lauren, she called for the club manager and Daniel was led out by bouncers.

‘Lauren returned to her Aberdeen home to find graffiti scrawled over her house reading: “You f****** slag.” Daniel, from Newburgh, Aberdeenshire, admitted assault, breach of the peace and vandalism at Aberdeen Sheriff Court at an earlier hearing. But his sentencing yesterday didn’t go smoothly when he kept interrupting the sheriff – and was ordered to leave the court’ – The Daily Record.

‘A drunk had to be rescued by fire crews after he got trapped inside a recycling bin. A dog walker heard cries of ‘help’ coming from a clothes recycling bin outside Great Wakering Sports Centre, in Great Wakering, Essex, at 6.30am on Saturday. The man, believed to be Lithuanian and described as ‘drunk’, climbed into the metal bin on his way home because he was cold – but got stuck inside. A spokesman for Essex Fire Service said the good samaritan dialled 999 after efforts to pull the man free failed’ – The Daily Telegraph.

“Apparently he wanted somewhere warm and dry” – The Essex Fire Service spokesman tries to explain.


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