Strip GTA (not the game)

‘A woman who took her clothes off in a taxi cab then stole it after the cab driver drove to a police station to complain. Then she had a little nap. The naked-woman-stealing-a-cab incident occurred in Covington, Louisiana, at about 2am, when the woman (at that point fully clothed) asked to be taken to Michigan. The cab driver, not unsurprisingly, declined to take her to Michigan, probably on the grounds that Michigan is roughly 1,200 miles away from Covington, Louisiana.

‘This displeased the woman, who responded by starting to take her clothes off in protest. The driver instructed her to get out of the cab, but she refused. So the driver simply drove to the nearest police station. Unfortunately the driver forgot to take his keys with him when he leapt out of the car upon arriving at the station – giving the woman the perfect opportunity to steal his car from in front of him. Police say the woman didn’t get very far – she drove a few blocks, then parked, and fell asleep naked in the back seat’ – Metro.


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