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‘Four RCMP officers and three civilian staff members at a police jail in B.C. are under a criminal investigation for allegedly watching a video feed of two female inmates having sex in a cell and doing nothing to stop it. Spokesman Inspector Tim Shields said the concern centres around the fact that both women had been arrested for public intoxication and were in a cell commonly referred to as the “drunk tank” at the time. “What is at issue here is the level of consent that could have been given by one or both of the women in consideration of the fact that they had both been brought into cells for being drunk in public,” Insp. Shields said in an interview.

‘The Mounties issued a news release Tuesday detailing the allegations that, for seven minutes on Aug. 18, four RCMP officers, two civilian cell guards and a civilian watch clerk – all of them men – watched the two women engage in what appeared to be consensual sex without intervening. The women had been arrested in two unrelated incidents for causing a disturbance and being drunk in public and were being held in a cell that is monitored by closed-circuit video, Insp. Shields said. “If one person was severely intoxicated, then it brings into question their ability to consent to that type of activity,” he said. “It is our duty to ensure that they don’t come to any type of harm, and that would include being engaged in sexual activity while they’re drunk” – The Globe And Mail.

‘A confused drink-driver was nicked after he got lost – and ended up in a police station car park. Boozed-up builder Edward Gallagher, 52, was making his way home from a night out with friends when he took a wrong turn. Yesterday, he was banned for 18 months after he admitted being over the limit at Central Scotland Police HQ in Stirling on August 7. The city’s sheriff court heard how Gallagher, of Denny, Stirlingshire, had been drinking with friends and had planned to take a bus home. But he decided to get behind the wheel of his car and took a wrong turning into the cop shop’ – The Daily Record.


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