Irish Prophet

A self-styled visionary yesterday told followers he couldn’t give them a message from the Virgin Mary as she had given him “so much information” he couldn’t remember everything, writes Eimear Ni Bhraonain. Joe Coleman said he would have to reflect on it all before putting details on his website. The Dubliner also held up his bus pass, telling supporters he was a “poor man” who lived off the invalidity pension. More than 1,000 people turned out at the Melleray Grotto in Cappoquin, Co Waterford yesterday to see Mr Coleman. Mr Coleman, who has attracted scorn for his claims that the Virgin Mary passes him messages, told the crowd that Our Lady had appeared to him with red roses at her feet. He said she had given him a “fantastic” message and had urged everyone to pray. But he was unable to pass on the message as it was too extensive. Speaking after the event, Mr Coleman claimed to be “disgusted” at how the Catholic Church had treated his supporters. – The Irish Independent


4 thoughts on “Irish Prophet

  1. Was it today he was predicting the next appearance at knock? Or tomorrow? I caught the tail-end of a news report but missed the details.

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