Mayor Quinby!

‘Leicester’s lord mayor has apologised after his trousers fell down during an educational event for schoolchildren. Councillor Colin Hall was at Southfields library in the city to take part in a Global Education function. When he stood to give a vote of thanks at Tuesday’s event his trousers came loose and fell. A spokesman for Mr Hall said: “The lord mayor has offered his deepest apologies to those attending the event for any offence caused by the accident.” Mr Hall was a guest at a Summer Showcase organised by Global Education Leicester, a network which works with teachers to promote greater understanding of global perspectives, the city council spokesman said. Pupils from three local schools were present.

‘The spokesman added: “The Lord Mayor of Leicester, Councillor Colin Hall, attended a function at a local library yesterday where he suffered an unfortunate problem with his trousers. He was not wearing a belt and the trousers came loose and fell.” Mr Hall has enlisted the help of fitness guru Rosemary Conley in a bid to lose weight. He wants to lose up to three stone by next May and is walking to many civic engagements, the council confirmed’ – The BBC Website.

From Mediawatch at if you are interested.


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