Non-Football Story Of The Day

‘An Australian boat builder has trained a troupe of mice to surf. Shane Wilmott, 39, hand crafts miniature mouse-sized replicas of real surf boards and teaches his amazing troupe of pet mice how to master them – on tiny wavelets near to shore. The creatures travel several feet on their little boards. They are even able to turn on the boards while travelling by shifting their weight. Mr Wilmott, who breeds mice in his Gold Coast home, said: “Contrary to popular belief mice are actually unbelievable swimmers so if they come off they are fine to paddle around until I collect them. A lot of people ask me if fish are sharks to them and worry they might get eaten. Gulls are actually a more realistic threat so I have to stay close by to make sure my guys are safe”‘ – The Daily Telegraph.

Non-Football Quote Of The Day
“These guys aren’t just my pets, they’re my mates too so I care about them a lot” – Mr Wilmott reveals he might be taking his work home with him.


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