Non-Football Story Of The Day

‘A woman stole two vehicles and led police on a wild car chase through a sleepy town in Utah, cops said. And she did it all in the nude. “This was an episode that was beyond normal,” Capt. Tom McLachlan of the West Valley City Police Department told KSL5 News. Sylvina Beagley began her bizarre adventure in the buff by pulling up to a man on Highway 111 who was hanging a sign, police said. The naked 31-year-old then got out of her car and stole his. The man quickly took the woman’s car and followed her while calling authorities. When she left the highway and got stuck on a dirt road, she abandoned the vehicle and hid. Police arrived, but had trouble subduing her.

“She was hot and sweaty, dirty, very slippery,” McLachlan said. “She managed to escape the grasp of the two officers.” Beagley then stole a cop car, police said, dragging the officers for a short time. The chase resumed, but ended shortly afterward when the woman hit a dirt berm and crashed. “She was airborne about 50 feet before crashing into another berm,” McLachlan said, the Salt Lake Tribune reported. Fearing she would escape once again, police said, she was Tasered and quickly arrested’ – The New York Daily News


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