‘A man has been arrested in China for allegedly posing as a woman in order to marry men for their money. 18-year-old Wang Mou had reportedly married three men already this year. The Dahe Daily reported that after getting married, Wang subsequently fled with the engagement money. Wang reportedly got into the marriage scam when, in February, a woman who had promised to find him a job instead sold him as a wife. “She cheated me, but I found a chance to escape then realized I could use the same shortcut to make some money,” Wang said. “A lot of people mistake me for a woman on first sight,” Wang added. After the first marriage, he then sold himself, with the help of an accomplice, to two further men for £1,000 a time. He was caught after fleeing on the day of the third wedding by local women, who turned him over to the police when they realised he was a man’ – Metro.


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