From Mediawatch,

‘A Launceston man sprayed a green penis on the fence of Gunns Limited chairman John Gay to win fame. Linden Michael Forrest, 21, pleaded guilty to unlawfully injuring property on October 10, 2009. Police prosecutor Mike Bonde told the Launceston Magistrates court that the green penis was Forrest’s usual tag. The court heard that Forrest and a co accused Matthew Standaloft had been drinking before they went to Kmart and bought green paint. They went to Mr Gay’s house and while Forrest sprayed the paint the co accused let off a device at the front door. When they were finished they rang the bell at the front gate and when a light went on they yelled obscenities. Mr Bonde said Forrest was not a member of any pressure group and had a neutral feeling about the proposed pulp mill. Forrest, who suppressed a smile during the hearing, thought it was funny at the time but was later embarrassed’ – The


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